Tioga: Your digital life at your fingertips.


For people who live on a smartphone, feeling guilty about disorganization, Tioga is a secure personal organizer app that is like “a meticulous, trusted assistant on your phone”.


Keep all your most important documents in one place, safe and secure. But make them accessible from wherever you are.


Keep your key online accounts in a safe place, not on a sticky-note on the fridge.

Your Life?

You run your life on smartphone. Well, almost all of it. Why not the important bits too?

About Us

We want to help you save the important details about your life.
Tioga Digital wants to help you organize your life, and keep you running at full speed.

The average American household is facing a losing battle in keeping their lives organized in an increasingly complex world. Run a quick inventory in your head... where are you currently keeping copies of your family’s birth certificates? Car titles? Health directives? Retirement accounts? What about any of the following.... For most people what comes to mind is a scattered assortment of drawers, shoeboxes, laptops, flash drives and safety deposit boxes. That, and a queasy blend of uncertainty and anxiety. In today’s world, that is just the beginning. Whether it is social media, personal finance or music, everyone’s digital life is expanding exponentially. What if every document, picture, password and byte of your physical and digital world could be flawlessly organized in one secure location? What if every bit of it was registered, encrypted and protected on a portable personal ledger? What if you could legally share access and authority of any element of your library with family and confidantes? What if it were all in the palm of your hand?

  • Key Documents
  • Important Accounts
  • Crucial Details
  • Nonsense & Fluff


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We're in beta, with a release sometime soon. If you'd like to be included, send us an email contact.