August 24, 2016

Tioga Fundamentals

For people who live on a smartphone, feeling guilty about disorganization, Tioga is a secure personal organizer app that is like “a meticulous, trusted assistant on your phone”.

It’s built on tools that automatically organize all your most important digital data, by delivering organization you don’t have to do (and our competition doesn’t provide).

Tioga is a long-term Digital Organizer and Archive service backed by a Delaware Digital Asset Trust for key digital assets. This service enables the safekeeping of digital assets and openly embraces a timeframe of decades for our subscribers. Digital assets stay safe through state of the art cloud storage and encryption technologies and are available as close as your iPhone or iPad.

Tioga Digital provides state of the art legal protection too – a new form of trust that protects our customer’s digital assets and documents in useful ways, the new Delaware Digital Asset Trust.

Not just online storage, peace of mind, for the rest of your life and as close as your smartphone.

Security of Tioga’s Service

  • Tioga and its personnel have Zero Access to customer assets –  stored in customer’s devices and iCloud account. Any network traffic is TLS 1.2 or greater.
  • Apple and Amazon (the iCloud providers) have SOTA security and procedures. They also have Zero Access to all customer assets.
  • Tioga uses Military Grade Encryption everywhere:
    • Certificates are 2048 bits or larger (all public/private keys)
    • All asset/account encryption is AES256
    • All password & encryption key derivation – PBKDF2 (w/ 8192n)
    • all these are IETF, NIST, ISO standards, used by many companies
    • some use Apple’s hardware on the iPhone/iPad – “Secure Enclave” is a coprocessor fabricated in the Apple A7 or later A-series processor (iPhone 5 and up)

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